The iSalesKit. Your Essential Sales Tool.

The iSalesKit is a powerful storytelling tool that shows meeting and event planners the unique amenities and services your hotel has to offer without them setting foot on the property. It is the world's most advanced sales and marketing presentation designed to help your team maximize RevPAR and guest service revenue. With the iSalesKit, all your selling tools are readily available in this cross platform easy-to-use app with the swipe of a finger. VIEW SAMPLES

Key benefits:  

Increased Profitability
Maximize revenue potential by quickly demonstrating how your property is ideally suited for your client and their specific needs.  

Photo Gallery
Stunning photos of your property provide a virtual 360 degree tour showcasing all of your hotel's amenities and services.

Your hotel's marketing collateral is all in one place.  Pictures, forms and documents can be emailed directly to clients from the application, eliminating costly delays.  

Property information is divided up into different "channels" so sales managers and event planners can quickly find the information most important to them.  

Empower your sales team in any situation with readily available information - whether on site tours, at trade shows or on the phone.  No need to carry around or send large amounts of printed material.  The iSalesKit can run on all platforms and be easily shared with clients.

Ongoing Maintenance
We work closely with your sales and marketing team to ensure the content in the iSalesKit is complete, up-to-date and in keeping with your brand's standards.

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